Canon, Adriatic Region: Social Media Communication


  • Production of localized content to increase engagement rates
  • Drive interest and top-of-mind awareness in the photo segment
  • Activate followers as ambassadors and building an online community
  • Build long-term relationships, trust and brand loyalty

After we took over social media management in July 2016, we followed Canon Europe guidelines and only posted content that was included in the global editorial plan. After three months, we discovered that Canon needed more locally generated content for effective communication. Starting in 2017, we prepared a long-term content marketing strategy, based on which Facebook became the go-to platform for posting mostly local content (90%), supplemented by global content (10%). Our strategy included working with relevant influencers who maximized the effects of the content we created and who shared the content to other channels (YouTube, Instagram, blogs, other media).

case studies - canon - picture

We are currently building an online community that lives as a two-way communication platform and connects photography fans. We have achieved this by introducing general monthly topics that best resonate with the target audience. We create stories around them, encouraging interaction and loyalty, which in turn increases the relevance of the Canon brand.