The iPROM company is one of the first in the region of central and eastern Europe to receive confirmation of its compliance with the Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0, TCF 2.0 standard developed by the international organisation IAB Europe in the context of its efforts for improving the transparency of protection of consumer data. With this step, the company strengthens the common mission of the members of IAB Europe association to boost confidence in digital advertising in Europe.

iPROM the first in the region of central and eastern Europe to comply with the guidelines of the European Industry Standard TCF 2.0 - iPROM - Press

The Industry Standard regulates the collection and processing of personal data

The new industrial standard TCF v2.0, which was developed by the IAB Europe association together with organisations and experts in the field of digital advertising, regulates the collection and processing of data in digital marketing in accordance with current regulations. The standard is designed to assist the media, agencies, advertisers and providers of technological solutions in providing compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Regulation in processing personal data, accessing and/or storing information through cookies or in other forms of data collection

By enforcing the new standard TCF v2.0, consumers are provided with control, transparency and choice regarding how their data are handled. Users can give clear, informed and free consent on the data to be processed by publishers and its related parties. Based on the user’s response, the publisher can adjust providers of advertising services, data acquisition and use of systems for ad serving.

»iPROM’s role is to help publishers and brands to build trust with online users and consumers and to focus on protecting their privacy. Legal coherence, ethical use of data and provision of transparency and choice in data collection for the purposes of digital advertising are becoming increasingly important. The modernisation of Industry Standard TCF v2.0 by the IAB Europe association is crucial for achieving this objective. For this reason, iPROM is extremely proud of the fact that we have successfully passed the check of conformity with new guidelines,« Nejc Lepen, Director of Development Department at iPROM said on the subject of the association.

TCF 2.0 for increased transparency of protection of consumer data

The new standard is primarily focused on publishers using platforms for ad serving or cooperation with different third partners (e.g. partner networks, programmatic markets, etc.). Within these relationships it regulates the processes where the advertising space is leased or where the advertising spaces is leased based on user data.

The new standard TCF v2.0 will enable users to have better overview of external partners cooperating with publishers and also control over which data have been submitted and how they can be processed. It will also give users the possibility to approve or refuse the consent for processing different types of data and provide them with more insight on who and in what way potentially processes or uses their data. This will strengthen control in Europe in terms of what data can be processed for the needs of advertising in digital media.

»As the members of IAB Slovenija and IAB Europe, we actively follow the guidelines on the European market and provide quality technical and substantive support to publishers in meeting the new standard,« added Lepen.

About iPROM

iPROM is a leading regional provider of media and technology solutions for digital advertising on the open web. Our knowledge and experience help our customers streamline the complexities of marketing in the digital environment. By combining advanced technology with the most comprehensive consumer behaviour data on the market, we enable our clients to display the right advertising messages to the right person at the right time on the right device while also helping online publishers grow revenues.

iPROM is a high-tech company that brings together the broadest range of consulting, analytical, media and software solutions needed in digital media advertising. Our continuous investments in technological development help us stay ahead of the competition and keep our clients at the front of the minds of their target audiences.



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