Cookies and how we use them

This policy details how and when we use cookies on our website.

All data collected via cookies that we use for web analytics is anonymized with SafeMetric™. The fully and irreversibly anonymized data is then passed on to a third party web analytics service for the purpose of creating statistical reports and overviews. Such data does not contain any personally identifiable user data. You can learn more about the data anonymization process on

What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are small text files that the website sends to and saves on your device. Cookies are saved in the file directory of your web browser. During the next visit of the same website, the browser reads the cookie and forwards information to the website or to the service that had set the cookie. If you want to learn more about the technologies and how they function, please visit a specialized website, such as

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies on our website to provide you with an optimal user experience during your visit. We also use cookies to improve our website further.

We use the following cookies:

  1. Cookies that count the number of visitors to our website;
  2. Cookies that enable us to understand how users move on the site, so that we know where to best place our content;
  3. Cookies necessary for the functioning of the website.

The specific cookies we use are listed below:

Cookie name: _safemetric
Type: 1st party
Function: Anonymous website traffic statistics.
Duration: 2 years
Set by: SafeMetric™
Use by 3rd parties: Google inc. The SafeMetric™ service anonymises the cookie before forwarding.

Cookie name: __cookie_optout
Type: 1st party
Function: Remembers your decision regarding the use of anonymous traffic statistics. Saves your choice in our system.
Duration: 30 days
Set by: iPROM
Use by 3rd parties: No.

How can I manage cookies?

If you do not agree to the usage of cookies on our website, you can opt out using the checkbox below. Your opt-out will be valid for 30 days.

I want to opt-out of the usage of cookies on this website.

Another option to manage your cookies is available in your web browser’s settings. Browsers use various methods to limit the usage of cookies. Usually, these options can be found in the Tools or Options menu. You can also read your browser’s Help section. You can read more about the options of managing cookies in specific browsers here.

How long do we save cookie data?

That depends on the type of the cookie. Session cookies expire when you close your tab or your browser. Persistent cookies expire after several months or even several years.