Innovative approach in centralized ad inventory management for publishers

The iPROM AdServer is a flexible, stable and intuitive campaign management solution. It was designed for publishers like you who want full control over their data and ad inventory. It enables you to effectively manage programmatic and direct sales campaigns in order to achieve the highest possible revenue. Our easy-to-use system feels »native« to all ad traffickers, offering the most effective and in-depth approach to day-to-day publishing challenges.

All-in-one solution with a business mindset

iPROM AdServer offers you top advertising and business benefits in a single solution for campaign management. The centralised software system features numerous capabilities and is equipped with all standardised measuring and reporting tools as well as options for advanced targeting, use of data collection for digital media planning, and optimisation of digital advertising campaigns.

  • 100% control over data and ad inventory with first layer solution
  • Simple ad inventory management
  • All-in-one solution for programmatic and direct sales campaigns management to achieve highest possible revenue
  • Intuitive insights – reports, forecasts, and in-depth overviews
  • Low-cost deployment and maintenance
  • Lightweight and robust structure

Making ad inventory manageable and profitable

iPROM AdServer makes campaign management simple and intuitive, regardless of creative, targeting, measuring or reporting demands. It has been rigorously tested in real-life environments on numerous campaigns in order to develop features that will provide the help necessary under all possible circumstances.

Powerful features that fully exploit web advertising

iPROM AdServer creates easy-to-manage ad space regardless of a website’s size, type and structure. It displays ads in real-time while considering dimensions such as users, media, semantics, time, keywords, and ad structure and provides optimal GUI for real-time administration of ad content.

  • Intuitive and adaptive website structure management
  • Easy forecasting, sell-out overview, revenue reporting
  • Real-time campaign optimisation at a glance
  • Real-time management of campaign parameters
  • In-depth inventory insights, including inventory availability
  • Fast and easy campaign deployment
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Standardised measuring and reporting
  • Advanced data collection
  • Flexibility and continious developement

Opening doors to new business

iPROM AdServer is one of the world’s top solutions for managing digital ad inventory. It meets and exceeds your advertising needs without ever compromising the user experience. Its powerful features create new revenue possibilities every step of the way, enabling you to save time and raise your publisher profile.



  • Built-in templates for advanced ad formats
  • Out-of-the-box capability
  • Smart and sophisticated delivery options
  • In-depth targeting and filtering
  • 24/7 support
  • User-friendly GUI and features
  • Impressive and creative custom options
  • Compatible with mobile, video, rich media and all other platforms or devices in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Bringing simplicity and order to the complex world of digital advertising

The iPROM AdServer is a solution shaped by thousands of campaigns and creatives. It is used by publishers, agencies and advertisers in many countries and has proven itself as a remarkably reliable campaign management system for advanced programmatic and direct sales campaigns. Its sole purpose is to fully maximize your revenue.

The iPROM AdServer offers connectivity directly to the demand side of the programmatic advertising ecosystem, offering 100% control over a publisher’s inventory and data available for RTB. Thousands of proprietary and well-tested data-driven, machine-learning algorithms replace old-fashioned guesswork to optimize the revenue for each of your ad impressions. Our iPROM AdServer integration is based on unique single-call asynchronous HTML code that provides the fastest on-site user experience for digital or mobile devices, including devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). What’s more, our solution conforms fully to all EU legislation on Cookies.

  • Compatible with all platforms and formats, invluding devices in the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Powerful and intuitive in-depth campaign management
  • A dedicated team of developers
  • 15 years of campaign experience
  • User retargeting, profiling, contextual delivery, native-executable
  • Constant developments and enhancements
  • Customisation packages available for specific needs
  • Responsive, lightweight and stable system
  • Quick-to-respond support available 24/7

Maximize advertising revenue with cutting-edge iPROM AdTech and our team of yield management experts

Yield Management for Publishers is our premium solution that helps you maximize revenue for every ad position with zero risk and no technical or administrative burden. Get immediate access to global advertising demand with the iPROM header bidding integration.