• To launch a new product addition to the well-established Čokolino brand
  • To encourage the target consumers to try the product for the first time

Podravka wanted to use the advertising campaign to introduce a new product of the Čokolino brand – Čokolino Protein Power – to the target consumers (young people between 18 and 30 years old) and to encourage them to try the product for the first time. iPROM worked with Podravka to create an attractive advertising campaign involving three Slovenian influencers in the field of sports and active lifestyle, as well as advertising on social media and outdoors.

With the advertising campaign, iPROM responded to the post-pandemic climate and the popularity of outdoor exercise. After careful consideration, we partnered with three Slovenian influencers in the field of sports and active lifestyle – Jan Kovačič, Patricia Pangeršič and Uroš Bitenc. We put together an outdoor leisure package for them, including an enamel mug, a thermos and the new Čokolino Protein Power, which they could use to prepare a tasty and convenient meal anywhere, anytime.

The influencers used the content they created to communicate the features and benefits of the product to their followers, whom we further encouraged to try the product for the first time by offering them free samples of Čokolino Protein Power. The influencers invited their followers to enjoy a practical meal during their outdoor activities and document the delicious experience with a photo or video.

Case studies - Čokolino Protein Power: When collaboration with influencers evolves into a comprehensive and engaging campaign - List - iPROM

The direct and genuine outreach of the influencers encouraged the first contact between the brand, or the product, and the target consumers, increased the likelihood of repeat purchase and provided the advertiser with content for its own digital channels of the Čokolino brand, as well as for digital and out-of-home (OOH) ads. We further improved user engagement, gained new followers and their show of support with likes through a prize contest with attractive prizes.

iPROM later took the short video snacks that the influencers recorded while promoting the new product and joined them into short video ads to be shown on YouTube. To extend its reach, the campaign was further supported by advertising in the form of Facebook and Instagram stories, and its engaging design was copied from digital channels to outdoor advertising (OOH).