Mömax: Promoting a line of children's rooms by activating social media influencers


  • Promote the mömax line of children's rooms within the target audience – mothers and families
  • Communicate key features – wide selection, contemporary design, easy to install
  • Increase the number of Facebook visits
  • Increase the number of followers
  • Increase the number of web site visits

Mömax wanted to introduce their line of children’s bedrooms in a more innovative way, using more content and a story. We prepared an influencer-based marketing strategy, in which we activated and included three influencers from the community of blogger mums called Mami blogerke. The main part of the activation took place in the store, where authors of the blogs Mami na off, Nepopolna mama and Ljubki nesmisel each used their creativity to furnish a children’s room.

case studies - moemax - picture

Through this activation, mömax wanted to give parents some ideas on how to furnish their children’s rooms and at the same time present their children’s furniture line. We took care of quality content production and engaged the influencers. All activities were recorded in one of the stores and posted on Facebook, where followers voted for the best furnished room.

In addition to posting quality organic content, we also made sure that Facebook posts were supported by targeted ads. During the activation, organic reach was 4-times larger than the number of followers mömax had on Facebook during that same period.