Combination of behavioural and contextual targeting, leading to a high conversion rate after viewing.

With the client LifeClass Portorož, we wanted to adapt to the economic situation and use the advertising campaign on digital channels to encourage online users to redeem tourist vouchers for LifeClass hotel services before it was known exactly how they could be redeemed.

LifeClass Advertising tourist vouchers, using digital media, provided 522 submitted inquiries in two weeks - iPROM - Case studies

With a combination of behavioural and contextual advertising, we displayed ads only to users who had recently read and searched for information related to tourist vouchers, and content related to holidays, travel, vacation, etc. We directed the advertising to a website, offering more information about tourist vouchers and an inquiry form.

The two-week campaign yielded excellent results. Using classic, advanced and mobile ad formats, we reached the desired target group and a 13% view-through conversion through the iPROM Programmatic. So, 13% of users were exposed to ads and did not click on them, but visited the LifeClass website through other sources during the campaign period.

During the entire campaign period, as many as 522 inquiries were submitted for the services of the LifeClass hotel chain. The tailored strategy provided the client with an effective relationship between reach, investment and achieved results, and at the same time confirmed the effectiveness of programmatic media space leasing.