• Promote mömax’s December sale offering.
  • Boost online and brick-and-mortar sales.
  • Ensure the same return on investment in advertising during the 2021 New Year holidays as in 2020 when a printed catalogue only was used.

At the end of last year, mömax was looking to promote its product range and boost sales online and in physical stores. To take advantage of the increased consumption and reach of digital media among consumers, we digitised the Mömax sales catalogue using iPROM Catalogues, an advanced technology solution. We then integrated the catalogue into specially designed advertising creative solutions which allowed us to leverage digital media to extend the catalogue distribution to our target audiences.


The furniture retailer hoped to achieve the same sales results with a digital catalogue as with a printed version. As part of the advertising campaign, we digitised the catalogue into advanced advertising formats and used iPROM’s programmatic platform to address potential customers exclusively through digital media properties. Machine learning was then used to supplement the data on users who responded to past advertising campaigns performed by iPROM for mömax with a sample of users who shared similar digital media habits to existing users.

Within one week of advertising, mömax’s digital catalogue, integrated into iPROM’s advanced ad formats, reached 627,800 online media users that interacted with the digital catalogue during the campaign, browsing through it 1.83 times on average. Average user interaction with the digital catalogue was 52 seconds long.

»The advertising campaign for the mömax December catalogue surpassed all our expectations. We used iPROM Catalogues to digitise our print catalogue easily and efficiently and gain a complete overview of our customers’ interest analytics. As a result of this campaign, our advertising investment has paid for itself 10 times over (ROAS was 10), which is a 2 times higher return than in the same period last year when we relied on a printed catalogue exclusively,« explained Gregor Habjanič, Marketing Manager at mömax.