iPROM carried out a campaign for online promotion of SKB banka's consumer and housing loans.


  • Improve the awareness of the SKB brand in the target group and improve the consumer awareness of spring loans
  • Communicate additional benefits of concluding consumer and housing loans to relevant target groups
  • Collect quality contacts using advanced desktop and mobile ad formats

Based on multi-level behavioural and interest targeting combined with the collection of real-time data about key campaign performance indicators we used the programmatic approach to ensure our client achieved the best ROI on their media resources. The goals of the first stage of the campaign were to improve consumer awareness of the benefits of concluding an SKB loan and drive quality traffic to landing pages.


case studies - skb - picture

In the second stage of the campaign we used personalized addresses and creative advertising solutions to retarget interested users and encourage them to use the informative calculation form on the website and submit their contact information.

The conversion rate achieved through advertising channels exceeded the conversion rate of organic visits, which is a rarity and shows that we really configured the best possible behavioural targeting pattern supported by cutting-edge technology delivered by iPROM Cloud that ensured the optimal distribution of advertising material.