• Primary goal: Raise awareness of the new 2023 women's swimwear collection in the Croatian market
  • Secondary goal: Increase women's swimwear sales through the online store

Before summer, Lisca introduced its new collection of women’s swimwear for 2023, primarily targeting the Croatian market for the launch. With the goals of raising awareness of the new swimwear collection and consequently of increasing sales through the online store, the brand decided to launch a digital media advertising campaign.

Based on these goals, we designed a digital media advertising strategy for Lisca leveraging insights into first-party data, which Lisca collected and enriched on its first-party data management platform iPROM Private DMP.

We used AI technology to segment the first-party data, defining key micro-segments for the target audience for the current advertising campaign. First-party data was further enhanced with third-party data, i.e. with related patterns of digital media users on the target market who share behavioural and media consumption habits with the identified first-party target audiences. This ensured that the advertising campaign catered to the specific preferences and needs of the target audiences intending to purchase women’s swimwear as well as users with similar characteristics.

The target audience segments were then targeted through the iPROM Programmatic Platform with display advertising in editorial digital media properties, using advanced dynamic ad formats. iPROM Spider Ad™ is a solution that allowed dynamic display of products from the new collection based on the expressed purchase preferences, which further enhanced the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Lisca’s marketing and online sales director Anže Marčun expressed his satisfaction with the results of the advertising campaign: “We achieved an eightfold increase in online sales during the campaign compared to the same period last year, confirming the effectiveness of the display advertising strategy using first-party data. Furthermore, we recorded a 180% increase in the number of organic searches for our products during the campaign, indicating that the digital media advertising campaign not only increased awareness of the new collection, but also bolstered brand recognition in general and improved the interest of potential customers in our offerings.”

Given the proven success of the targeting and digital media buying strategy based on first-party data on the Croatian market using iPROM’s independent advertising solutions, Lisca plans to gradually start implementing these strategies to other markets as well, with the aim of achieving greater brand recognition and driving increased sales globally.

The Lisca brand achieved an eightfold increase in online swimwear sales in the Croatian market by utilizing first-party data for targeted digital media buying - iPROM - Case study