Semenarna Ljubljana wanted to find out how price-sensitive their customers are and to identify the patterns of users who are likely to buy their products. Consequently, before engaging in any further advertising activities, the company conducted a short online survey among consumers using digital media with a simple questionnaire relating to the price range consumers are willing to pay for each seed bag.

To make sure the online survey reached as large a share of online users as possible, iPROM ran an advertising campaign in Slovenian digital media, conducting a quick survey to identify the target group of consumers who showed interest in Semenarna’s products.

We used iPROM Cloud to effectively reach the identified target audience through a pair of ad formats (iPROM Mobile AdBreak™ and iPROM Mobile Scroll Ad™), which included iPROM Survey, an ad solution that makes it quick and easy to participate in surveys.

Using a survey to identify purchase intent we were able to use advertising in Slovenian online media properties to find out consumers’ preferences on the price of products and identify the group of users who show purchase intent for Semenarna Ljubljana’s products. At the same time, iPROM’s data management platform (DMP) helped us determine the media habits of these users.

Case studies - With interactive iPROM Survey, Semenarna Ljubljana exceeded the expected response rate by almost 4 times in three days - Content - iPROM

The combination of the accurate identification of the target group and advanced targeting based on predicting purchase intent allowed us to respond quickly and make the best use of the media budget. During a brief and effective three-day advertising campaign, we reached over 300,000 online users with programmatic buying in Slovenian digital media, recorded a conversion rate of over 18% per survey question and received over 400 responses to the questions asked. On average, each user matching the identified target group was exposed to the ad 2.75 times.