Premium solution for programmatic media buying in digital media powered by first-party data

iPROM Programmatic Platform offers GDPR compliance and comprehensive data privacy protection for all users. With availability in the entire region that includes Germany, Austria, Adriatic countries, Serbia, Kosovo and North Macedonia, this powerful programmatic platform also provides advanced targeting options, segmentation capabilities and a diverse range of ad formats to help maximize ROI.

Advertisers can use more than 50 different ad formats to create high impact campaigns with far-reaching potential that truly set them apart from the competition. Additionally, our clients can create their own private data silo – Private DMP is a data warehouse for first-party data that leverages data collected through prior advertising activities and integrates it with data from other sources. This provides our clients with powerful audience segmentation capabilities that give advertisers an edge when it comes to ROI optimization.

iPROM’s advanced advertising technology goes beyond basic demographics to create custom audiences with specific parameters, layer in re-targeting options, and contextually personalise ads in response to user behaviour in real time. By leveraging the power of AI, it helps marketeers deliver outstanding advertising result.

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iPROM Programmatic Platform is the first choice for display media buying in the region and is trusted by the biggest brands and market leaders

Trusted by the biggest brands and market leaders

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