In 2020, iPROM’s software solutions for distributing advertising messages, iPROM recorded a 49.6% increase in the number of ads served to Slovenian digital media users compared to 2019. The retail industry again led the pack in terms of the number of ad impressions, while the health category experienced the greatest growth in share.

»As early as March last year, when the epidemic began, iPROM’s data showed that interest in Slovenian digital media was growing at a record pace. This has been confirmed by a full-year analysis of data on ad impressions in 2020, which again shows a notable breakthrough in growth, and we expect the strong performance to continue this year,« commented Tomaž Tomšič, Head of iPROM Labs.

iPROM has been tracking ad impression numbers in domestic digital media since 2005.

»Since then, we have seen a growth trend, which has mirrored the growth of the digital advertising industry in Slovenia, while the shifts in the share of each industry are a good indicator of economic trends. It is clear that the health industry has seen the most growth, while tourism has suffered the biggest decline, which is a result of the lockdown of economic activities and the resulting declining investments in advertising,« Tomšič added.

Retail remains the leading industry, while the health category recorded the highest growth in the share ad impressions

In 2020, the shares of ads displayed in digital media were distributed by industry in a similar way as in 2019. The largest share (19.66%) was captured by the retail category, which has seen an 8.9% increase in its share compared to the previous year and the year 2018, making it the dominant category for the fourth consecutive year. Despite a 12% decline, the automotive industry maintained the second largest share with 14.85%, closely followed by finance with a 14.83% share of ad impressions.

With a 9.6% drop in share, leisure and entertainment remained in fourth place. The telecommunications category ranks fifth with a 8.06% share in 2020, growing by just under 5% compared to 2019. Tourism suffered the most severe drop in the share of ad impressions last year (by 30.38%), ending the year in sixth place with a 7.17% share. The biggest increase in the share of ads shown last year (84.62%) was seen by the health industry, which ranked seventh.

Shares of ad impressions in digital media by industry in 2020 - iPROM - Press

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