Bring media buying in-house and get the connections, the technology and the expertise you need

As you transition to in-house media buying, you can rely on a partner with experience, extensive practical knowledge and integrity. With more than 20 years’ experience, our company is fully specialized in the adoption and deployment of programmatic processes on the open internet. By acquiring iPROM’s advanced programmatic infrastructure, you’ll also gain a strategic partner who will not only equip you with cutting-edge technology that is ready to meet your most demanding business goals in compliance with the latest European GDPR guidelines, but will also provide you with expert advice that you can rely on every step of the way.

Move as precisely as possible

Among the many reasons for increased in-house media buying, the most important are return on spend, effective audience segment targeting, and data protection beyond mandatory European regulations. Thanks to iPROM’s advanced business intelligence system enhanced with iPROM DMP (data management platform), adopting programmatic buying means being able to ramp up the volume on a successful campaign or launch new promotions, all while maintaining complete control over high-tech ad targeting and buying in a secure and trustworthy manner.

  • ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION: Our centralized platform ensures your programmatic team will be able to monitor, manage and execute all of your media operations and data quickly and easily from a single location.
  • DIRECT CONNECTIONS TO GLOBAL OR LOCAL INVENTORY AND DATA: By keeping you connected, our technology gives you in-depth insight into the data stored by you, your partners or third parties, regardless of where they are located and connects you to the open internet through the OpenRTB protocol.
  • PRIVACY CONTROL: We understand that ownership of your sensitive data gives you a competitive edge. As a result, we provide you with your own private, secure DMP and help you collect all your advertising data in one place while ensuring compliance with EU regulations.
  • PERFORMANCE GAINS: Programmatic tools and data are critical for improving effectiveness and outcomes. Programmatic practices can bring about significant positive changes in your company’s culture and improve cross-departmental communication by allowing you to share and act upon your most valuable insights based on real-time data.
  • COST SAVINGS: You will have complete control over you digital media buying, regardless of whether you are buying through an open exchange, a private exchange or a direct premium publisher relationship.
  • ANALYTICS & DATA MINING: Insights into your unified audience and media data from various analytics tools will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your campaigns.
  • DATA IS THE NEW GOLD IN DIGITAL ADVERTISING: All your marketing activities drive traffic to your owned media to allow you to gather first-party data on all of your users/visitors. We help you to collect and store this data securely in your Private DMP away from your competition. We then use this data to help you target and reach your audience on the »open internet« more effectively.
  • EFFICIENCY, SUPPORT AND PRACTICAL KNOW-HOW: With over 20 years of »first-hand« experience in the fields of IT, digital advertising and digital media buying, we understand your needs completely and have tailored our services to help you succeed on the open internet. We assist you in developing out-of-the-box digital advertising solutions and help you connect all the dots via digital media to better understand your customers and to better target/address their needs.