iPROM published a new analysis of the technical characteristics of devices used by internet users to access digital content. iPROM captures and processes data using its iPROM Cloud technology platform and has been analyzing the data since 2004. The analysis has shown that the growth in mobile access to digital content is slowing down compared to previous years and personal computers are still the main tool for in-depth digital content browsing. Chrome retained its lead among web browsers and Android is the most popular mobile device operating system while Windows is the predominant player on personal computers.

»Over the past couple of years, mobile technologies have changed how we consume digital content. Rapid growth in mobile internet access was driven by mobile operators that offered increasingly attractive plans with large amounts data and accessible smart phones. Today, mobile devices generate the largest share of internet traffic, although the growth has slowed down significantly over the past year. Users who want to delve deep into digital content continue to do so using a personal computer. For advertisers, the rise of mobile devices means a new channel they need to adapt to in order to play by the new rules. Display advertising remains the most effective tool to build and strengthen brand awareness and receive feedback about users,« Andrej Ivanec, Digital Planning Director at iPROM, commented key findings of the survey.

Key Findings about Device Technology Characteristics

The growth of mobile access to digital content is slowing down. In 2017, the share of mobile devices among the devices used by Slovenian users to access digital content grew from 51.1% to 56.5%, which reflects slowed growth compared to the preceding three years. iPROM’s annual comparison shows that the share of mobile internet access grew by 5.4 percentage points between 2016 and 2017, a decrease from the period from 2015 and 2016, when the growth was 15.3 percentage points.

Comparison between the shares of devices used by Slovenian Internet users to access digital content - iPROM - Press

Desktop PCs and laptops continue to be the key tool for users looking to delve deep into digital content.

The comparison among the viewed pages in Slovenian online media shows that users engage with the content more deeply when viewing it on desktop PCs and laptops, which means that personal computers continue to be a leading tool for accessing the internet, as the share of pages viewed on PCs (72.0%) is the same as in the year before.

Comparison between the shares of PCs and mobile devices used to consume digital content - iPROM - Press

Slovenian online media follow the mobile trend.

Slovenian digital market has improved its mobile readiness which is supported by data on mobile versions of Slovenian online media. In 2017, most publishers have updated their websites to accommodate mobile devices (more than 50%). Over the past two years, the share of mobile-ready websites has grown by 36.2 percentage points.

Share and growth trends of mobile ready content - iPROM - Press

Chrome remains the most popular web browser.

On desktops and laptops, Chrome has retained its leading 50.9% share from 2016. Firefox (24.0%) and MSIE (15.2%) are losing ground to EDGE (4.6%).

Browser usage share and growth trends across different devices - iPROM - Press

Most mobile devices run the Android operating system and Windows dominates the personal computers.

The number of mobile devices running Android is growing (76.2%). Year-on-year, the share of iOS devices fell by 9.2 percentage points in 2017. With a 94.9% market share, Windows dominates the desktop and laptop PCs. Windows 10 share stands at 42.0% and has overtaken Windows 7 in the past year.

Operating system usage share and growth trends across different devices - iPROM - Press

Research Methodology

Data used to carry out iPROM’s analysis of the technology characteristics of the devices used by Slovenian internet users to access digital content is captured during April of each year. The analysis was performed on a sample of 1.2 million of Slovenian internet users. In accordance with IAB standards, the sample includes 14.2 billion of measurement requests.

The user behavior data collected through the iPROM Cloud technology platform was analyzed using iPROM AdServer, which is designed to distribute, target and track advertising content online. Using effective data mining techniques that includes detailed insights into online behavioral user patterns companies can understand the wishes and expectations of their target groups in detail and plan their digital media communication activities accordingly.

About iPROM

iPROM is a leading regional provider of media and technology solutions for digital advertising on the open web. Our knowledge and experience help our customers streamline the complexities of marketing in the digital environment. By combining advanced technology with the most comprehensive consumer behaviour data on the market, we enable our clients to display the right advertising messages to the right person at the right time on the right device while also helping online publishers grow revenues.

iPROM is a high-tech company that brings together the broadest range of consulting, analytical, media and software solutions needed in digital media advertising. Our continuous investments in technological development help us stay ahead of the competition and keep our clients at the front of the minds of their target audiences.



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