iPROM has developed iPROM Configurator, an advanced advertising concept that allows car advertisers to effectively connect with customers during the research stage of their buying journey. It lets potential buyers virtually design a new vehicle model of their choice within the ad itself to create an interactive advertising experience with an element of gamification. The new concept has been used recently by Volkswagen in its advertising campaign for the new T-Cross model and has activated 7,500 potential buyers to explore the vehicle.

Volkswagen activated more than 7,500 potential customers and increased traffic to the showcase page for the new T-Cross by 300% using a first-party targeting strategy and the iPROM Configurator ad concept for vehicle exploration - iPROM - Case study

iPROM Configurator with many functionalities for an advanced user experience

The iPROM Configurator advertising concept features advanced functionalities designed to optimise the user experience before the actual test drive or car purchase. Integrated into an interactive and visually rich ad environment, it allows users to personalise the vehicle by choosing different options ranging from wheel colour and design to tire size. Users can also explore the exterior and interior with 360-degree product tours. This approach streamlines the decision-making process, improves brand perception, boosts user engagement and fosters a deeper connection with the chosen vehicle model.

The implementation of iPROM Configurator in iPROM’s wide range of advanced ad formats has yielded tangible results, achieving an 83% increase in user engagement compared to traditional ad formats. In addition, the average time spent interacting with an ad was 38% longer than industry average, highlighting an improved user experience and higher engagement from potential customers. iPROM’s new concept improves the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and serves as a key tool to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical experiences of the vehicle, further strengthening the sales funnel.

Additional metrics for advertising campaign optimisation

iPROM subscribers using the iPROM Programmatic Platform benefit from the most advanced targeting options and track all traditional and advanced metrics, such as the time a user spends exposed to an ad and the time an ad remains in the user’s field of view. In addition to the innovative configuration tool, iPROM also provides additional metrics to optimise advertising campaigns. These include data on how many times a user customises a vehicle, the number of times a configuration displays within an ad, and the number of direct responses to specific configuration options in an ad format. While this advertising concept is primarily designed for brand awareness campaigns, it also allows for the measurement of conversions.

Additional metrics provide advertisers with valuable insights into market demand. By tracking user preferences regarding vehicle design – colours, wheel shapes, tyre sizes and interior trim – iPROM’s clients better understand the preferences and behavioural patterns of their target groups. This data also enables micro-segmentation of the target audience, helping advertisers to tailor their message more precisely to the specific needs and interests of each segment. As a result, these metrics enhance the planning and execution of advertising strategies, increase the success of advertising campaigns and boost sales results.

Volkswagen successfully uses iPROM Configurator in the advertising campaign for the new T-Cross model

Volkswagen has used the iPROM Configurator concept in advanced ad formats in a digital advertising campaign for the new T-Cross, boosting customer engagement and encouraging users to explore the new T-Cross directly from the ad. The campaign results are impressive: more than 3,900 vehicle configurations were completed through the ads and 61% of visitors who were directed to the website via the ads proceeded to configure the car in more detail. In total, an additional 3,700 configurations were made during the advertising campaign.

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