This summer, iPROM has transformed iPROM Labs into an independent department within the company. iPROM Labs is the cutting-edge technology research and development unit that has been developing and researching new technologies for advertising and communication in digital media, for more than a decade. The department will be headed by Tomaž Tomšič, who was previously Research Department Manager in iPROM.

The vision of iPROM Labs continues to be the integration of domestic and international knowledge as well as research and development of new digital advertising technologies. In the future, iPROM will focus on developing solutions for managing IoT data, automation within the programmatic advertising ecosystem and machine learning and artificial intelligence in the field of marketing communications. Over the past decade, iPROM Labs was responsible for technology innovations found in iPROM AdServer and iPROM Cloud solutions. iPROM’s research unit also oversaw the development of numerous iPROM’s copyrighted advertising concepts and iPROM Labs has been at the core of the company’s behavioral analytics and research into digital media users for more than a decade.

iPROM Labs remains at the heart of digital marketing technology development and will be open to Slovenian as well as international experts working in all the different iPROM’s focus areas. As Tomšič takes on an active role, new work processes will be formed within the unit as the organization moves from project-based work to a start-up approach by looking at marketable products and solutions.

»In the period of accelerated development of digital marketing technology, it is important to stay agile and fast, which is why I believe that the transformation of iPROM Labs is necessary to respond to the aggressive transformation of the economy. In my new role, I will work to make sure the new direction contributes to improved efficiency and better management of iPROM’s investments in development,« said Tomaž Tomšič, head of iPROM Labs.

The leadership of the company’s development department was taken on by Nejc Lepen, who will replace Tomaž Tomšič after 12 years. Nejc Lepen joined iPROM 9 years ago as a talented student. Over the past 5 years, he was the manager of a team of programmers in this department.

About iPROM

iPROM is a leading regional provider of media and technology solutions for digital advertising on the open web. Our knowledge and experience help our customers streamline the complexities of marketing in the digital environment. By combining advanced technology with the most comprehensive consumer behaviour data on the market, we enable our clients to display the right advertising messages to the right person at the right time on the right device while also helping online publishers grow revenues.

iPROM is a high-tech company that brings together the broadest range of consulting, analytical, media and software solutions needed in digital media advertising. Our continuous investments in technological development help us stay ahead of the competition and keep our clients at the front of the minds of their target audiences.



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