After more than a year of evaluating solutions, iPROM selected US-based Cloudflare, a major global supplier of cloud services, as its partner, and the two companies signed a cooperation agreement. By integrating its iPROM Cloud solution with Cloudflare as its technology partner, iPROM expanded its service offering for international distribution of digital commercial content. Through this cooperation iPROM strengthened its role in the global market of the providers of technologies for managing digital media ad inventory.

»By working with Cloudflare, we can provide our clients with the highest level of commercial content distribution on any market, which is extremely important for iPROM’s strategic growth in international markets. Through this partnership, we applied the standards that apply to our server infrastructure to the distribution of commercial
content in key global markets,«
said Tomaž Tomšič, Technology Development Manager at iPROM, commenting on the strategic decision.

Cloudflare is an international provider of solutions for storing static content in the cloud and operates an extensive network of 102 data center locations spanning all the continents to provide the ability to store and distribute static content (images, video, etc.) with data transfer capabilities of 10 Tb/s.

iPROM’s own technology solution for programmatic audience targeting, iPROM Cloud provides centralized automated commercial content distribution and trading. This comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing business processes for trading advertising inventory in digital environments, including web and mobile environments, digital television and IoT, complies with the most demanding global standards.

By connecting iPROM Cloud technology with Cloudflare’s cloud, iPROM can serve commercial content to any global location using the nearest local server. This way, iPROM can ensure a faster, more efficient and more reliable performance of advertising activities in digital media on a global scale, as Cloudflare servers use the most advanced cache system to provide fast content loading, regardless of file size. The important thing is that digital campaigns, regardless of the target market, are managed centrally using iPROM Cloud technology, which provides iPROM’s clients and partners with full control and the ability to optimize all activities in the digital advertising process.

This strategic step places iPROM alongside the most established competitors in the field of programmatic advertising space buying on a global level. The company is managing a growing number of advertising campaigns for international clients that want to reach global target audiences effectively.

»By constantly upgrading our technology and developing advanced solutions for trading and managing digital media advertising inventory, we are putting our company alongside the largest players in the digital advertising market. Our search for technological synergies with global technology solution providers such as Cloudflare enables us to quickly advance our capabilities to securely transfer data, which improves our efficiency and the ability to reach target audiences within the global advertising ecosystem,« added Simon Cetin, partner at iPROM.

About iPROM

iPROM is a leading regional provider of media and technology solutions for digital advertising on the open web. Our knowledge and experience help our customers streamline the complexities of marketing in the digital environment. By combining advanced technology with the most comprehensive consumer behaviour data on the market, we enable our clients to display the right advertising messages to the right person at the right time on the right device while also helping online publishers grow revenues.

iPROM is a high-tech company that brings together the broadest range of consulting, analytical, media and software solutions needed in digital media advertising. Our continuous investments in technological development help us stay ahead of the competition and keep our clients at the front of the minds of their target audiences.



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