iPROM Sets a New Targeting Standard With its iPROM Real-time Creative Solution

iPROM has launched a new solution for processing and utilizing big data: iPROM Real-time Creative. This solution provides an automated process for generating ad creatives based on the data about the behavior of digital media users. It delivers more accurate targeting of audiences to iPROM’s clients so they can now address users with personalized advertising messages based on behavioral data and other known parameters (such as weather, time, location).

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The Trend of Mobile Internet Access has Slowed Down in 2017 and Personal Computers Remain the Leader in Active Content Browsing

iPROM published a new analysis of the technical characteristics of devices used by internet users to access digital content. iPROM captures and processes data using its iPROM Cloud technology platform and has been analyzing the data since 2004. The analysis has shown that the growth in mobile access to digital content is slowing down compared to previous years and personal computers are still the main tool for in-depth digital content browsing. Chrome retained its lead among web browsers and Android is the most popular mobile device operating system while Windows is the predominant player on personal computers.

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