An analysis of media consumption which was performed at iPROM at the end of March, recorded an average 59 percent growth of average daily reach and a 78 percent increase in daily visits of digital media in the Adriatic region.

Increase of digital media consumption in the Adriatic region - iPROM - Press

The interest in digital media content increased in the second half of March compared to February by 39 percent in the Croatian media, by 52 percent in the Slovenian and Serbian media, by 58 percent in the Montenegrin media, by 64 percent in the Macedonian media and by 135 percent in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

»In the past two weeks, the interest in the content published in digital media has increased by nearly as much as in the past ten years. On average, we perceive a 5% to 15% growth in reach and visits of digital media annually. What we have been perceiving in the past few days is simply incredible, from the point of view of growth. I have never seen such growth in my entire career. This situation presents major challenges for everyone who is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of various digital platforms,« says Tomaž Tomšič, Head of iPROM Labs.

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