Modern Consumers Increasingly Use Smartphones to Access Media

Smartphones became the number one choice for accessing digital content, according to the Media consumption 2018 study. Television has seen a decline in reach compared to 2014 but retains the broadest reach when speaking of editorial media content, while news portals, websites and social networks have been expanding their reach. Visits to online stores and the use of chat and video calls are also on the rise. Generational differences between the different age groups involved in the iPROM/Valicon study can be observed, as the younger generations, specifically generations Y and Z, already show different, less linear patterns of media consumption.

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iPROM Upgrades Its Native Advertising Technology Platform

iPROM upgraded its iPROM Native technology platform to version 6. In addition to a combination of behavioural and semantic targeting, the platform also provides an automated process for designing creative solutions based on the behaviour of digital media users.

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