Andrej Ivanec, Media Planning Director of iPROM, spoke to Delo about the meaning of digital channels for car brands.

Andrej Ivanec for Delo: A portion of car sales will take place on the Internet even more often - iPROM - News

Andrej Ivanec spoke to the Delo newspaper about the new reality that the pandemic has pushed car salespersons into. According to him, customers’ responses were significantly more optimistic in May and that, now more than ever, they are aware of the power and efficiency of digital channels.

“I am convinced that a portion of car sales will start taking place on the Internet even more often. Maybe you cannot directly buy cars online, in most cases, but digital channels are becoming increasingly important when it comes to carrying out research and making decisions about the purchase,” said Andrej Ivanec.

The future will definitely require some changes in media planning, messages and points of contact with consumers. Andrej is convinced that it is a good idea to make use of local options. Slovenian digital media have an excellent reach and an above-average frequency of visits. Therefore, the entire online population of Slovenia can be reached quickly, and if targeting data are used correctly, the same can be said for each individual target group.

The full article was originally published in the section “Posel in denar” (Business and Money) of the Delo newspaper under the title “Televizija, tiskani in digitalni mediji so prva izbira avtomobilistov” (Television, printed and digital media are the drivers’ first choice) (page 4).