The global media landscape and the advertising industry are constantly evolving. With artificial intelligence driving accelerated digitisation and automation, data privacy is becoming an increasingly important topic that marketing departments are actively addressing. With the growing awareness of users' data rights and the increasing responsibility to safeguard their privacy, companies are restructuring their organisations to meet these demands. iPROM is actively monitoring these developments and proactively adapting to the upcoming changes by providing our clients with the most advanced advertising technology (Ad-Tech) solutions that protect user privacy and safeguard corporate data as a key strategic asset.

First-party data is an investment in the future: how to build a privacy-centric advertising strategy - iPROM - Expert opinions - Andrej Ivanec

In this post, I will focus on the role of iPROM Private DMP as an independent ad-tech solution that helps advertisers navigate the privacy-centric digital media landscape and optimise their marketing strategies to achieve optimal return on advertising investment.

1. Putting the customer first and building trust in privacy through transparency

In a world where privacy is becoming a priority, customer trust is paramount. At iPROM, we believe that conversations about user privacy and data protection should start with the customer in mind. Understanding what customers expect when it comes to data privacy allows us to align our practices with their expectations. In this context, let me highlight Cisco’s 2022 Consumer Privacy Survey, which shows that 81% of consumers believe that a company’s handling of personal data is an indicator of how much it values and respects its customers. This statistic clearly indicates that consumers are aware of the value of data and that they prioritise privacy.
This is why at iPROM we have focused for years on user-centric practices that extend beyond legal compliance. We strive to proactively inform our subscribers about how we collect and use their data, and we clearly ask web users for consent to use their data to enhance their online experience. Transparent communication about the value delivered by so-called first-party user data, provided along with explicit consent, fosters trust and loyalty among our users.

Investing in resilient data strategies using iPROM Private DMP - iPROM - Expert opinions - Andrej Ivanec

2. Investing in resilient data strategies using iPROM Private DMP

By moving to the use of first-party data for targeted ad campaigns, iPROM Private DMP plays a pivotal role in ensuring the highest standards of privacy protection and campaign optimisation. The first-party data collected in a client’s own private, proprietary data warehouse allows us to create personalised advertising experiences while respecting user privacy. User consent allows us to establish a direct and transparent relationship with digital media consumers who are genuinely interested in engaging with your brand.
In addition to identifying the right audience, iPROM Private DMP provides in-depth insight into customer interactions with your products and services, all while complying with strict privacy standards. iPROM Private DMP also allows you to integrate first-party and third-party data, encouraging even more sophisticated definitions of your audience, data-driven advertising on the open web and the ability to integrate advanced independent analytics (such as Adobe or Piwik).

Respect and active involvement of the Data Protection Officer - iPROM - Expert opinions - Andrej Ivanec

3. Respect and active involvement of the Data Protection Officer

In response to the changing data privacy regulations, companies are creating new roles and restructuring their teams. Strong brands recognise the importance of data protection and have defined the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) within their organisational structure.
In practice, these dedicated professionals work with our team of integrated digital strategy experts to ensure compliance with each market’s unique data protection regulations. DPO’s insights guide how we collect and process data, comply with legal requirements and respect their privacy expectations. We understand that while legal frameworks must be strictly adhered to, e-privacy guidelines are still quite fluid and subject to interpretation by each individual company. Our team’s primary objective is to understand the challenges faced by companies, propose legally compliant solutions and explore the opportunities to meet client expectations to the fullest extent possible.
As we move closer and closer to the phase-out of third-party cookies and greater tracking transparency in app usage, iPROM is well-positioned for future challenges and is actively exploring alternative ways to effectively optimise campaigns in a privacy-centric environment.

Trend monitoring, data analytics and continuous adaptation to a privacy-centric environment - iPROM - Expert opinions - Andrej Ivanec

4. Trend monitoring, data analytics and continuous adaptation to a privacy-centric environment

By continuously monitoring trends and analysing data flows between different customer touchpoints, iPROM is increasingly focusing on building a comprehensive platform to measure and evaluate the impact of different marketing efforts in digital media. Our multidisciplinary teams are working together to develop a comprehensive platform that will integrate different first-party data sources and different media touchpoints as seamlessly as possible – primarily to better plan, measure and optimise campaigns executed using iPROM Private DMP and first- party data.
By benchmarking across different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari, we can already gain comprehensive understanding of ad campaign performance using first-party data and audience engagement. Our focus on measurement, experimentation and collaboration allows us to stay ahead in a privacy-centric world.

As you plan your advertising strategies for a safer future and media budgets for 2024, we recommend you put respect for privacy and data protection at the heart of your planning. iPROM is constantly adapting to the evolving advertising industry as an agile R&D company offering independent advertising technology solutions (Ad-Tech) that ensure our clients are in the best position today to succeed in the future. We believe that by taking a proactive approach, we can work with you to navigate more successfully through the digital landscape where user privacy is sacred, creating a more secure and personalised advertising experience for all.


About author

Andrej Ivanec is in charge of media planning at iPROM. He has been a full-time employee of iPROM since 2007. In addition to designing media plans, he is responsible for the strategic approach and exploring new approaches to reaching audiences through digital advertising. In his free time, he is passionate about exploring the online media industry, niche online stores and niche publishers. He is someone who leverages their experience about how to use of digital media properties to improve business results.