Imagine being able to effectively address a predefined audience according to their interests and improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by using the perfect message at the right moment. This is exactly what Fraport Slovenia, the operator of Aerodrom Ljubljana, is now able to accomplish with their walled garden campaigns.

How Fraport Slovenija's Walled Garden Campaigns Are Consistently Producing Excellent Results and a Cost-Effective Return on Investment - iPROM - Expert opinions - Leon Brenčič

Data-driven advertising using first-party data on a unique advertising platform

One of the campaigns, »Destinations from Ljubljana Airport«, was launched using the data and advertising infrastructure from their walled garden and resulted in a 12% conversion rate in plane ticket sales for destinations reachable from Ljubljana airport. In addition to raising awareness of the destinations accessible to travelers departing from Slovenia’s main airport, this campaign continues to deliver impressive results, with cost-effective advertising spend of about €2 per ticket sold. This illustrates the power and effectiveness of using owned data for targeted advertising and the benefits of building a walled garden using iPROM Ad-Tech solutions – iPROM’s Private DMP and iPROM Programmatic Platform.

The success of this case study highlights the value of ongoing advertising campaigns that a walled garden can provide for brands. By leveraging first-party data and utilizing advanced targeting strategies, brands can improve ROI and forge long-term customer relationships. With the help of a trusted partner like iPROM, brands can confidently build their own walled gardens with the knowledge that their data is secure and protected.

Data-driven advertising using first-party data on a unique advertising platform - iPROM - Expert opinions - Leon Brenčič

Collect and secure data about your users’ behavioral patterns and interests to increase advertising effectiveness and develop your strategic advantage

The benefits of building a walled garden extend well beyond immediate gains as the data generated alongside digital advertising on private, proprietary and secure first-person data management platforms has shown greater value than the direct returns of advertising campaigns. Brands that recognize and take advantage of these opportunities already have a significant competitive advantage and will continue to pull forward in the future.

By building its own walled garden using iPROM’s Ad-Tech solutions, Fraport Slovenia took control of its data and used it to promote targeted advertising in digital media. This led to an increased number of passenger arrivals at Ljubljana Airport, improved return on investment in advertising and an opportunity to establish long-term and permanent relationships with customers. The company can also establish new revenue models by selling advertising on its advertising infrastructure using its own data.

Collect and secure data about your users' behavioral patterns and interests to increase advertising effectiveness and develop your strategic advantage - iPROM - Expert opinions - Leon Brenčič


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