When we talk to our clients about the advantages of digital advertising compared over its traditional forms, we repeatedly refer to its effectiveness, measurability and the ability to adapt advertising campaigns in real time. These are the key benefits of digital advertising, which give companies better returns when it comes to advertising investments. Of course, modern digital advertising is fuelled by data, which has become a precious commodity. However, the growth in usage increasingly calls for the use of a single data source, as this is the only way to ensure comprehensive and transparent insight into the performance of advertising campaigns.

Increasing advertising effectiveness with a single data source - iPROM - Expert opinions - Andrej Cetin

Companies invest in digital advertising because it is effective

The effectiveness of digital advertising remains a key driver of its use, according to iPROM’s survey of 220 Slovenian decision makers in the advertising and marketing industry conducted in cooperation with Valicon. Other drivers in the order of importance include accurate measurements and effective evaluation of advertising campaigns (59%), compliance with the legislation on personal data protection (59%) and advanced targeting and consequently a more effective way to reach target groups (55%).

It is critical to gain a comprehensive insight into the performance of individual digital channels - iPROM - Expert opinions - Andrej Cetin

It is critical to gain a comprehensive insight into the performance of individual digital channels

As analysts and ad campaign managers monitor the results and reach of ad campaigns in real time, they adapt and manage digital advertising in virtually real time. They reallocate resources between digital channels in order to achieve the best results. iPROM strives to deliver on our promise to customers and deliver them the most for their money. This would have been a much harder task to complete without the modern technology for centralised management of digital media campaigns with the patented iPROM AdPanel™ proprietary solution included in iPROM Cloud that harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence and complements it with human insight. This is especially true when different digital channels are integrated together and when different ad formats and formats are combined.

Moving from data silos to a comprehensive data management platform

In practice, we see that companies continue to struggle with the fact that data is still largely stored in silos that aren’t connected to each other. The current trend is to bring all of this data together on a single platform, and many companies are already addressing this challenge at the level of the entire organization. To everyone not thinking about it yet, iPROM advises aggregating and organising data garnered from digital marketing campaigns on different marketing platforms, such as CRM and DMP. Such technological solutions, in fact, allow them to gain real-time insight into the purchasing habits of their customers, thus enabling them to make more informed decisions in a world that is becoming increasingly unpredictable.

Moving from data silos to a comprehensive data management platform - iPROM - Expert opinions - Andrej Cetin

With data insight, we can plan advertising messages and campaigns more effectively

Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, marketers believed they knew their consumers’ buying habits and media consumption patterns. However, since the epidemic, this belief has changed radically. After all, we saw record-breaking traffic to digital media and as a result, our advertising campaign management team witnessed new records for the number of ads we served to digital media users. It was inspiring to see the vibrancy of the world of digital media, which has continued up to today (in March, visits to Slovenian digital media properties increased by 52 percent, while in May that percentage ranged between 20 and 25 percent). It would be nearly impossible to deliver the right content at the right time and in the right place without clear insight and real-time optimisation of campaigns.

Trust the data - iPROM - Expert opinions - Andrej Cetin

Trust the data

If you are still wondering how and where to allocate your advertising resources today, trust the data that shows you increased traffic to your website, increased sales in your online store, improved engagement of your target group in communication with the brand and, ultimately, higher sales that are either carried out through digital channels or accelerated with their help. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, data can show you exactly what works best for your consumers at a particular time. You can use this as the foundation for changes and improvements.


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About author

Andrej Cetin is a full-time employee of iPROM, where he is responsible for the organisation and coordination of all operational processes related to serving and optimizing ads. He joined the iPROM team more than a decade ago to support the technical and media departments. He was involved in the design and development of iPROM AdServer. With many years of experience and invaluable knowledge in digital media ad campaign execution and optimisation, Andrej is considered one of the leading experts in this field among the professional public. He is therefore also responsible for transferring knowledge within the team. In his long career, he has advised numerous online publishers on how to increase profitability from advertising revenue. His dedicated work is of paramount importance to iPROM.