In his column for the September issue of Marketing magazin, Leon Brenčič, Client Service Director at iPROM, explored how to use effective advertising to maintain stable business over the final and decisive quarter.

Leon Brenčič writing for Marketing magazin: Where should your budget go this autumn and which investments into digital channels will pay off? - iPROM - News

The two key takeaways from his column are the need to keep investing in marketing activities and a consideration of which types of advertising result in tangible results. Leon believes that digital advertising’s effectiveness and the ability to measure results make it an increasingly important option.

“The drivers of digital advertising growth are effectiveness, accurate metrics, effective evaluation of advertising campaigns, and advanced targeting options that allow companies to better reach their target groups. Advanced targeting makes it possible to personalize communication with consumers. Consumers are receptive to advertising that delivers the relevant message at the right time, in the right place, and on the right device,” explains Leon Brenčič.

In his piece, Leon advises companies to think long-term and not reduce their investments in branding. While focusing on advertising sales campaigns (performance) may deliver the results everyone wants in the short term, it is also important for companies to maintain their brand image and engage in continuous communication with their followers.

Another important takeaway from Leon’s column concerns advertising technology. If companies want to stay successful, they should not neglect the power of advertising technology that allows them to get to know their customers in detail.

“Proprietary consumer data is more important than ever. It provides us with insight into consumer purchasing behaviour and enables us to address them effectively. At the same time, your data silos that are not shared with your competition by using publicly available services and advertising technology, are a valuable competitive advantage. You should make it a part of your digital communication strategies,” writes Leon Brenčič.

Leon concludes that autumn is the perfect time to review your marketing strategy. All the knowledge and insights that we learn by the end of the year, will motivate us for the coming year.

The column was initially published in the September 2020 printed issue of Marketing magazin. Where should your budget go this autumn and which investments into digital channels will pay off? (page 26).


About author

Leon Brenčič has been with iPROM since 2016, where he is in charge of sales and customer service. He is responsible for coordinating the work of the media department team in terms of sales and sales performance. A specialist in innovative sales approaches, he has extensive experience in identifying clients' needs when it comes to modern communications. He first encountered online media in a professional capacity in 2007. In his free time, Leon studies digital marketing concepts in industries such as automotive, banking, FMCG, consumer electronics, etc. By nature, he is an explorer of business opportunities, a passion he enthusiastically shares with his team and clients.