Brands are increasingly looking for ways to take control of their digital advertising and marketing in order to ensure that their ad spend is being used effectively. Building a private walled garden can provide them with the data they need to make informed decisions about how and where to spend their advertising budget. A walled garden can be defined as a closed system or network where user content and activities are restricted to the boundaries of the garden.

At iPROM, we believe it’s critical for companies to invest in building out their own media networks, data sources, and marketing tools in order to maximize their return on investment. An iPROM Private DMP enables agencies and brands alike to store, manage, analyze, and activate first-party or proprietary data from various sources including websites or mobile owned directly controlled by the brand or agency. This provides an unprecedented level of control over every aspect of the digital marketing process – from targeting consumers to measuring campaigns – enabling brands to build more effective campaigns tailored specifically towards their unique needs.

Why Brands Should Build Their Own Walled Garden for Digital Advertising: The Benefits of Leveraging First-Party Data and iPROM's Private DMP Solution - iPROM - Expert opinions - Miha Rejc

How lookalike audiences and dynamic retargeting can improve ROI and build long-term customer relationships

The insights derived from this data can also be used to drive advanced targeting strategies such as lookalike audiences or dynamic retargeting campaigns which allow brands to connect with new potential customers who have characteristics in common with existing customers. Having access to this potentially high-value audience allows marketing professionals to create more impactful campaigns with higher ROI than traditional methods such as traditional demographics-based digital advertising which often results in ad spend wasted on unqualified leads.

Furthermore, investing in your own walled garden provides a unique opportunity to forge long-term relationships with consumers through ongoing engagement across a variety of touchpoints such as email newsletters, social media profiles, webinars, etc., all of which driven by buyer intent rather than static demographic profiles that are limited by what third-party data vendors offer. By understanding consumer behaviour across these channels, marketers can design better experiences that drive loyalty and engagement over time.

How Lookalike Audiences and Dynamic Retargeting Can Improve ROI and Build Long-Term Customer Relationships - iPROM - Expert opinions - Miha Rejc

Private walled garden approach: how Fraport Slovenija used iPROM’s Private DMP to drive targeted advertising and data protection

With the help of iPROM, Fraport Slovenija was able to take control of its own data and use it to deliver targeted advertising in digital media. The company turned to iPROM to build a secure and private media network using the OpenRTB standard and iPROM Private DMP. The result was a walled garden specifically designed for the needs of the Ljubljana Airport, where Fraport collects, analyses, and protects all data related to its digital activities.

This case study demonstrates the value of a private walled garden for companies looking to succeed in the digital world. By taking control of their own data, brands are able to create more personalized and effective advertising campaigns that increase customer loyalty and improve conversion rates.

Walled-Garden Approach: How Fraport Slovenija Used iPROM's Private DMP to Drive Targeted Advertising and Data Protection - iPROM - Expert opinions - Miha Rejc

Unlock the power of personalization: build your own walled garden with iPROM’s Private DMP solution

In conclusion, building a private walled garden is essential for any brand looking to remain competitive in today’s market as it enables them to not only have greater control over their data but also leverage it to create more personalized experiences that drive customer loyalty and conversions over time. iPROM’s Private DMP solution helps you unlock even greater value from your first-party data so you can serve targeted ads based on buyer intent rather than broad demographic segments resulting in higher ROI across all channels.

Unlock the Power of Personalization: Build Your Own Walled Garden with iPROM's Private DMP Solution - iPROM - Expert opinions - Miha Rejc

Investing into building your own walled garden now will pay dividends down the line when the time comes for your next campaign planning cycle. Don’t delay it any longer and start building yours today!

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Miha Rejc is Head of Digital Strategies at iPROM. As a result of the increased workload and the good business relationship he established with iPROM in the past, he joined us full-time in 2019. As a consultant for the use of innovative digital communication tools at iPROM, he is responsible for the strategic integration of advertising technologies into marketing strategies. Miha studied journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences, worked as a communication specialist and then moved into a similar role with Mimovrste, an online retailer. At Pro Plus, he held the position of social media editor. Lidl and Outfit7 (the Slovenian branch of Ekipa2), where he headed digital marketing efforts, were the major milestones in his career in digital communication. Miha uniquely integrates wordsmithing and the latest social media management technologies. In his spare time he is a passionate diver and traveller.