We live in an exciting and dynamic digital world where technological innovation, artificial intelligence and programmatic platforms constantly redefine the rules of the game in the advertising industry. Today, brands are taking on the role of value drivers in the digital crowd, ensuring the quality of products and services and attributing value to content. It comes as no surprise then that brand safety has emerged as the cornerstone of successful communication in the digital environment while advertising technology has become the holy grail of digital.

Why is advertising technology considered the holy grail of branding in digital marketing? - iPROM - Expert opinions - Leon Brenčič

The environment builds or destroys the power of a brand

Managing brand safety in today’s digital world is increasingly a tightrope act, so it is important to implement precautions and practices that ensure the appropriate placement of advertising messages alongside brand-compatible content.

Branded content plays a pivotal role in shaping a brand’s reputation. It is indispensable for the success of a company as consumers associate the brand with the content alongside which it appears. If a brand is placed alongside inappropriate content, it can damage its long-term value. This is why, as advertisers, we need to carefully consider the context in which our brand messages are displayed.

Advanced advertising technologies determine the appropriate advertising context - iPROM - Expert opinions - Leon Brenčič

Advanced advertising technologies determine the appropriate advertising context

Advertising technology makes it possible to identify the right context for brand positioning and execute advertising campaigns effectively. The combination of different targeting methods provides control over the content where the advertising messages are displayed. This ensures maximum brand safety, both in terms of reputation and in reaching users with the right advertising content in the right place when they are receptive to it.

iPROM’s programmatic platform uses advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms for advanced targeting of selected user segments. It provides advertisers with access to a broad range of established national and international media properties where they can deliver their advertising messages with high precision to the right audiences through relevant and high-quality digital channels. Advertising on the open Internet ensures that advertisers can reach a wide range of Internet users, increasing the visibility of brand messages and delivering improved campaign outcomes.

At iPROM, we also stress the importance of proper contextual targeting. Placing an ad alongside relevant editorial content increases the likelihood that ad messages will capture users’ attention and encourage their engagement. And to make ad placement even more effective alongside related content in digital media, iPROM uses advanced semantic targeting, which uses natural language processing and deep learning to provide a deeper understanding of editorial content in digital media. This makes ads part of the content, more natural, providing a better user experience and better user responses. At the same time, the semantic targeting algorithm also identifies potentially harmful content and excludes it from targeting to protect the brand’s reputation.

Respecting user privacy as a value for strong brands - iPROM - Expert opinions - Leon Brenčič

Respecting user privacy as a value for strong brands

Brand safety in the digital world is not only about the right environment for ad content, but it is also important to consider the privacy of users, who expect brand values to be aligned with their own. As data privacy regulations are tightening, responsible handling of user data is key to building and maintaining trust. Compliance with data protection laws and transparency in data processing are paramount for building and preserving trust in a brand.

iPROM Private DMP is an advanced solution that empowers brands to manage their own data efficiently while respecting user privacy. This allows brands to retain ownership and control over user data, enhancing brand security. By leveraging proprietary data collected from brands’ own media properties and advertising campaigns, advertisers gain advanced targeting and audience segmentation capabilities, enabling more effective outreach and optimisation of further advertising activities.

Precise audience targeting with personalized ad content based on first-party data is another way to reach the desired audience and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. By analysing and using first-party data stored in so-called private data platforms (iPROM Private DMP), which are secure and protected from competition, you can create more personalised advertising messages that focus on the identified interests, demographic characteristics and behavioural patterns of the analysed target audience. Choosing this approach minimizes media waste and improves effectiveness and user response to ad content.

Increasing the effectiveness of your advertising campaign - iPROM - Expert opinions - Leon Brenčič

Increasing the effectiveness of your advertising campaign

To maximize the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, it’s essential to reach the right audience at the right time in the right environment and in the right way. iPROM’s advanced distinctive and non-intrusive ad formats are proven to capture and hold the user’s attention without compromising the brand. A positive user experience is key both to encourage engagement and achieve the objectives of the advertising campaign, and to maintain a positive relationship with the brand.

Ad formats that seamlessly and relevantly integrate into the web browsing experience and user experience contribute to brand safety, reduce user fatigue from ad messages, improve ad visibility and increase user satisfaction. By focusing on brand safety, advertisers create a pleasant and attractive digital environment for consumers.

Brand protection strategy as part of corporate governance - iPROM - Expert opinions - Leon Brenčič

Brand protection strategy as part of corporate governance

In the digital realm, brand safety should not be taken for granted. Instead, succeeding in digital advertising demands a proactive approach that builds on a brand protection strategy. It is important to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies to mitigate the risks of the digital environment.

It is important to understand that brand safety is not just a question of technology, but also an important part of a company’s culture. All employees need to be made aware of the importance of brand safety and be responsible for maintaining it.

In today’s digital world, brand safety has become the holy grail for successful digital advertising. With the right strategy, innovative use of advertising technology and respect for user privacy, we can foster trust in our brands and deliver value and quality for our consumers. Now is the time to start building a strategy to ensure the security of your brand and take advantage of all that the digital world has to offer.


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