Miha Rejc, Head of Social-Media Management of iPROM, spoke to Marketing magazin in order to explain how the new reality affects marketing communications and an increase in social media traffic.

Miha Rejc for Marketing Magazin: Digital media content is more important than ever - iPROM - News

In his interview with Marketing magazin, Miha Rejc spoke about the results of iPROM’s media consumption analysis in Slovenian digital media which indicated a record growth in the interest for digital media content. In his comment, he pointed out that higher traffic is currently also recorded on practically all social media, as self-distancing and physical distance make people more intensely involved in spending time with one another over digital channels.

Increasing the intensity of communication in certain cases and certain industries

The influence of the current situation on communication in the industry is significant. »We are noticing an increase in communication, especially in the industry of products for everyday consumption. In March, interest in most thematic categories in the Slovenian digital media also achieved a record increase, while other industries have adapted their communication methods. iPROM’s media consumption analysis conducted in the second half of March saw a 52 per cent increase in the number of users, who read each day, on average, 75% more web documents than in February. This information suggests that the content of Slovenian media is more relevant than ever before,« says Miha Rejc, Head of Social-Media Management of iPROM.

An increase in all social media visits

According to Rejc, all social media is currently getting more traffic: due to self-isolation and physical distancing, people are more intensively focussed on socialising through screens and digital channels. »Right now, the most important thing for brands is to keep on communicating with their followers, despite these different circumstances; however, they have to adapt their messages to the situation, and encourage their followers to comply with the measures. During these times, the possibility of two-way communication with brands on social media is even more important,« he says.

The full article was originally published in the printed edition of Marketing magazin (May 2020): Has corona-crisis further encouraged social media advertising? (No. 467).


About author

Miha Rejc is Head of Digital Strategies at iPROM. As a result of the increased workload and the good business relationship he established with iPROM in the past, he joined us full-time in 2019. As a consultant for the use of innovative digital communication tools at iPROM, he is responsible for the strategic integration of advertising technologies into marketing strategies. Miha studied journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences, worked as a communication specialist and then moved into a similar role with Mimovrste, an online retailer. At Pro Plus, he held the position of social media editor. Lidl and Outfit7 (the Slovenian branch of Ekipa2), where he headed digital marketing efforts, were the major milestones in his career in digital communication. Miha uniquely integrates wordsmithing and the latest social media management technologies. In his spare time he is a passionate diver and traveller.