Why display advertising is the main choice of advertisers - iPROM - Expert opinions - Andrej Ivanec

Why display advertising is the main choice of advertisers

Andrej Ivanec

According to recent research by iPROM and Valicon, display advertising is the most popular form of digital advertising, even among domestic brands. Read this post to learn about its strengths, why it’s prioritized by the leading advertisers and how it’s delivering results.

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Automotive industry: It's time for digital acceleration - iPROM - Expert opinions - Miloš Suša - Main

Automotive industry: It’s time for digital acceleration

Miloš Suša

The pandemic has left its mark on all industries and many businesses worldwide and the automotive industry is among those facing major challenges. The changes impacted the supply chain and production as well as its ability to meet customer demand. To date, the industry has already adjusted to the new situation somewhat, but for its long-term recovery it will be even more important to take into account the changing consumer purchasing patterns and habits, as well as the changing media/advertising landscape.

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