Marketing strategies in times of uncertainty: How to succeed even in a period of economic downturn? - iPROM - Expert opinions - Leon Brenčič

Marketing Strategies in Times of Uncertainty: How to Succeed Even in a Period of Economic Downturn?

Leon Brenčič

In the first quarter of 2023, the European economy showed encouraging growth indicators, but growth is slowing somewhat due to an uncertain macroeconomic environment and various factors affecting consumer sentiment. In Slovenia, economic growth has slowed compared to the last quarter of 2022. Inflation rates remain high and prices for goods, energy products and services are also rising. This could lead to declining consumer sentiment and a reduction in the consumer confidence indicator later in the year. We live in volatile times, and no one can predict what the second half of the year will bring.

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Display advertising helps strong brands stand out in the flood of media content - iPROM - Expert opinions - Andrej Ivanec

Display Advertising Helps Strong Brands Stand Out in the Flood of Media Content

Andrej Ivanec

Brands are like signposts for consumers and digital media is at the centre of information gathering where supply and demand intersect. The findings of the International Interactive Advertising Association’s (IAB) latest AdEx 2022 study reaffirm the key role of digital advertising, particularly display advertising, in enhancing brand visibility and establishing brands in a competitive marketplace. Despite the overwhelming volume of communication on the internet, advertisers are steadily increasing their investments in digital media, especially in display advertising based on first-party data. They have recognized the potential of this form of advertising for the long-term effectiveness of advertising efforts, the accurate targeting and the long-term consolidation of brand strength, ultimately resulting in increased sales.

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