In today's dynamic digital environment, we can no longer rely on the tech giants to deliver a high return on advertising investment. As we accelerate our move towards a cookieless era, brands must take ownership for their own data and invest in building their own media walled garden to stay competitive. By using independent Ad-Tech solutions such as iPROM Private DMP, which puts user data at the forefront of the decision-making process and does not share it with competitors, companies can use their data more effectively while gaining direct access to their desired customer segments. This will also improve the long-term performance of their marketing activities and advertising campaigns.

Independent Ad-Tech Solutions Give Brands Control, Greater ROI and a Secure Future - iPROM - Expert opinions - Tomaž Tomšič

With the emergence of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, the digital advertising landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and advertisers’ efforts to make sense of it all are being hampered. Tech giants such as Alphabet, Meta and Amazon have established a virtual monopoly on advertising investment in the US market, accounting for more than 70% of all digital advertising spending, according to some reports. However, limited insight into audience data makes precise control over the effectiveness of their campaigns simply impossible, leaving advertisers in a quandary.

Privately Owned Walled Gardens: A Solution for Data and Audience Control - iPROM - Expert opinions - Tomaž Tomšič

Privately Owned Walled Gardens: A Solution for Data and Audience Control

Looking for a way to regain control over your data and effectively target your audiences? I believe that successful brands should consider their own private walled gardens that offer the tools needed to build an audience base and different segments using first-party data. This can give them a significantly higher return on advertising investment and, in the long term, a greater competitive advantage.

With the aid of independent advertising technologies, private walled gardens enable advertisers to harness the potential of first-party data. They can use it to build their own private walled garden and directly target their desired customers, fans or potential customers. They enable advertisers to stop relying on third-party data for which they even have to pay and which is often expensive to reach their audience. With iPROM Private DMP brands can use high-quality first-party data to gain an accurate understanding of who they are marketing to, which customer segments they are targeting and what their media habits are.

Private DMPs provide a secure level of control and transparency that large technology monopolies cannot match. Brands that choose to set up a private data warehouse, using independent advertising technology solutions such as iPROM Private DMP, get a complete overview of their advertising campaigns and may also protect their data from fraud with dedicated solutions such as iPROM Fraud Fence. This invaluable combination of independent Ad-Tech solutions keeps their data safe and maximises the return on their advertising investments.

Maximize Your ROI and Protect Data for Future-proof Marketing and Media Buying Strategies - iPROM - Expert opinions - Tomaž Tomšič

Maximize Your ROI and Protect Data for Future-proof Marketing and Media Buying Strategies

As digital media use and e-privacy regulations tighten, brands must seize the opportunity to adapt their advertising and marketing strategies to the business models of the future. By building a private walled garden with iPROM’s private data warehouse they are already able to improve precision targeting, enable real-time optimisation and ensure regulatory compliance of advertising technology. In today’s fast-paced environment, all of this is essential to stay ahead of the competition.

With a private walled garden and independent advertising technology, brands gain control over their data while complying with regulations and the highest standards of user privacy online. This technology provides businesses with valuable insights into customer preferences and purchase intent, allowing them to optimise ad campaigns across the entire purchase journey and provide performance analysis of the interplay of all marketing channels – ultimately boosting their ROI. Thanks to access to real-time marketing information about their customers, brands can quickly tailor ad campaigns and marketing activities. The latter is key to effectively target audiences and monetise advertising investments.

Invest now to secure customer data and maximize marketing results for long-term success - iPROM - Expert opinions - Tomaž Tomšič

Invest Now to Secure Customer Data and Maximize Marketing Results for Long-Term Success

Businesses need cutting-edge solutions to stay competitive and sustainable in a constantly evolving digital market. Taking advantage of the benefits of a private walled garden is crucial for long-term success: it provides security and control over first-party customer data, increases your company’s marketing potential through greater efficiency and enables compliance with online privacy laws and standards. These are all essential elements for staying ahead of competitors.

This is the perfect time to stop relying solely on third-party data. That’s why I advise you to take control of your future and invest in building a private media walled garden compliant with European online privacy regulations and guidelines. Our interdisciplinary team of experts in digital advertising and the development of independent Ad-Tech can support you on this journey. For more questions, please contact me at


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