Independent ad-tech solutions are crucial for designing digital advertising strategies that respect users' privacy while allowing effective targeting and measuring the effectiveness of ad campaigns. These solutions help businesses navigate the complex landscape of digital advertising, while ensuring compliance with legislation and user expectations. In my previous blog post, I explained why first-party data is becoming more valuable and the role of data management platforms in the construction of private data warehouses by using iPROM Private DMP as an example. In this post, I will focus on how private data warehouses can be activated for more effective and personalised digital advertising in editorial media.

Independent Advertising Technology Solutions Are the Basis for Privacy-First Advertising - iPROM - Expert opinions - Maja Gorjanc

Reducing Reliance on Third-Party Cookies With Independent Ad Tech Solutions

As the advertising industry gradually shifts from its reliance third-party cookies to first-party cookies, there is a growing demand for technologies that can support the targeting and personalisation of advertising without compromising user privacy and violating regulations. Independent advertising technology platforms offer alternative methods for collecting and processing data that are more transparent and secure, while harnessing the power of first-party data for effective targeting. This is precisely why first-party data is gaining in value.

Privacy-first strategies promote the use of first-party data, which companies collect directly from their users with their permission. Independent ad-tech solutions help companies and organisations to better manage, segment and activate this data in accordance with privacy best practices.

iPROM Programmatic Platform for Targeted Advertising With Privacy Protection - iPROM - Expert opinions - Maja Gorjanc

iPROM Programmatic Platform for Targeted Advertising With Privacy Protection

When it comes to digital advertising, iPROM Programmatic Platform is considered a “privacy-first” technology solution. It already enables its users to target and personalise advertising using first-party company data without compromising the privacy of users of their digital media properties. This independent technology solution is used by many well-known domestic and international brands for their advertising campaigns. It uses proven programmatic infrastructure and advanced algorithms and other targeting methods in a way that respects user preferences and privacy.

The ability to deliver targeted advertising without compromising user data positions iPROM as a leader in the digital advertising industry when it comes to innovations that are aligned with the demands of the new digital landscape. With the impending demise of third-party cookies, iPROM Programmatic Platform is already considered to be a technological solution that is ready for all the challenges of the future and the world after third-party cookies.

Commitment to Innovation in Technology and Independent Analytics - iPROM - Expert opinions - Maja Gorjanc

Commitment to Innovation in Technology and Independent Analytics

At iPROM, a leading provider of independent advertising technology solutions, our commitment to privacy-first advertising is evident through proactive monitoring of trends and regulations. We continuously develop advanced technologies and advertising approaches, including contextual targeting, predictive analytics and machine learning techniques that do not require personal data for effective targeting. This ensures our clients can reach relevant audiences without violating privacy regulations.

Independent ad tech solutions allow our clients to be more flexible and reduces their reliance on large technology platforms that are building data monopolies in the digital advertising market and using data from analytics and advertising platforms to fuel their advertising services. These platforms collect data from their users, who also follow other brands, to build large data warehouses that allow them to then use this data also to advertise competing brands. When it comes to paid media, the measure of success for such advertising campaigns is the size of the advertising budget, which in turn reinforces market monopolies again.

Having their own data warehouses and independent analytics solutions and ad-tech platforms allows companies to develop more balanced and ethical advertising strategies. Most importantly, it enables them to keep their users’ data or first-party data as their own competitive advantage, carefully protected from competitors and large technology platforms.

Your Privacy-First Advertising Partner

For businesses seeking to successfully navigate the challenges of privacy-first advertising, iPROM offers a comprehensive suite of technologies and services. Not only do we offer tools and technologies that comply with the latest privacy standards, we also provide the expertise and support you need to implement these solutions. This enables companies to improve their advertising campaigns, increase their effectiveness and invest in cultivating trustworthy relationships with their customers. iPROM has worked hard over the last two years to prepare for a world without cookies. Today, we ensure our clients can operate seamlessly in a dynamic digital environment, while adhering to the highest standards of user privacy. After all, this is also how we protect our clients’ data from their competitors.

Privacy as a Key Value in the New Age of Advertising - iPROM - Expert opinions - Maja Gorjanc

Privacy as a Key Value in the New Age of Advertising

In a world where respect for privacy is becoming an important differentiator in the marketplace, iPROM offers solutions that enable companies to meet these new demands. Using iPROM Private DMP, the iPROM Programmatic Platform and independent analytics solutions like Adobe and PiwikPRO, businesses can deliver targeted advertising without compromising their users’ privacy or violating regulations. By putting transparency, data security and personalised experiences at the heart of their advertising strategies, companies are fostering stronger relationships with their customers and actively positioning themselves in a new era of digital communication and advertising where privacy is not only respected, but valued.


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