Utilize the power of first-party data and advanced analytical tools for better results - iPROM - Expert opinions - Anže Hribar

Utilize the Power of First-Party Data and Advanced Analytical Tools for Better Results

Anže Hribar

In today’s rapidly evolving, technology-driven world, digital data remains critical to advertisers and companies are quickly recognizing the need to shift their focus to more sophisticated first-party data management platforms and analytics tools. To navigate this new landscape and optimize targeting strategies more effectively, we must first understand why independent first-party platforms and complementary analytical tools must be part of every advertiser’s toolkit.

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Independent Ad-Tech Solutions Give Brands Control, Greater ROI and a Secure Future - iPROM - Expert opinions - Tomaž Tomšič

Independent Ad-Tech Solutions Give Brands Control, Greater ROI and a Secure Future

Tomaž Tomšič

In today’s dynamic digital environment, we can no longer rely on the tech giants to deliver a high return on advertising investment. As we accelerate our move towards a cookieless era, brands must take ownership for their own data and invest in building their own media walled garden to stay competitive. By using independent Ad-Tech solutions such as iPROM Private DMP, which puts user data at the forefront of the decision-making process and does not share it with competitors, companies can use their data more effectively while gaining direct access to their desired customer segments. This will also improve the long-term performance of their marketing activities and advertising campaigns.

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Multi-channel data-driven marketing strategies with 1st party data for long-term added value - iPROM - Expert opinions - Alena Selimović

Harnessing Multi-Channel Data-Driven Marketing Strategies with 1st Party Data

Alena Selimović

Marketing and advertising are evolving quickly in response to increasingly rapid changes in user behaviour and agile responses by companies that are increasingly aware of the importance of privacy and quick adoption of new technologies. Businesses respond to these trends and the needs of the environment are increasingly employing strategies that put the consumer first and create sustainable value for everyone involved in the marketing process – consumers, brands, publishers and technology partners. In this blog post, I will focus on how critical it is to understand how advertising fits into the entire purchasing journey of the consumer, which has become highly intertwined, multi-channel, and full of opportunity for conversion at every point of contact.

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